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Colours are the adventure of a brand that has hosted many joys throughout the year.

As Papillon, we have not had a single gray day for 20 years.Since the opening of our first hotel Papillon Muna in 1993, we've always believed that "life needs colours"

We love all the colours of every season in Antalya. We've added colour to our guests' lives by being the first to carry out many innovations in the sector.
We've shared the happiness and joys of our guests and our wonderful surprises is what made us as we are today.

This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with our team who believes that "life needs colours..." and you, our beloved guests who have brought us to this day...

We wish to spend many more happy years together...

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Life in Papillon restarts with an entire different fever. Excellency is reborn with its luxury perception off from the nature. Are you ready for a reborn?


Welcome to where history touches your soul: Papillon Zeugma...

Under the beautifully warm sun, the shiny navy Mediterranean, lush green gardens and amazing places. You'll find everything you need here for unforgettable memories. Your whole idea of holidays will change once you've experienced Papillon Zeugma's captivating and historical atmosphere.

A:Papillon Zeugma Hotel, İleribaşı Mevkii - Belek Turizm Merkezi ANTALYA / TURKEY
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  • HIGHLIGHTS Take a look at some of the topics to discover this unforgettable experience...
    • Are you ready for a reborn? Papillon Zeugma Relaxury is made from scratch. You may feel the excitement of renovation on every corner of Papillon Zeugma Relaxury which ended in May 2015. You may follow the innovations of Relaxury on our Web Site and on our Social Media channels. .

      Papillon has redefined luxury. Comfort and fancy are merged and will no longer to be separated; Relaxury… Life in Papillon is restarted with an entire different fever. The legend is reborn from the wings of a butterfly.

    • Z LOUNGE

      Your comfort in accommodation will start early and last late. Enjoy yourself while your check-in is completed and enjoy the first moments of your vacation. Are you only hours away from check-out? Surrender yourself in the luxury and comfort of Z Lounge.

      Z Lounge is at your service with all day long snacks, changing rooms and showers, tv and wi-fi.


      A treasure accommodated in Papillon Zeugma. You can schedule your work out with fitness, aerobics, yoga and pilates programs, get in shape with diet menus prepared diligently, refresh yourself at spa and wellness center with therapies designed specifically for your body needs and start an energetic day with sound sleep. The “Well Being” concept is designed for you to nourish your body, mind and soul.
    • REBORN SPA & WELLNESS You are invited to feel the enchanting atmosphere of Reborn Spa & Wellness, your host through your exclusive journey to the mystical center of regeneration.

      Experience the unique Reborn & Spa Wellness with its Turkish bath classics, refreshing and purifying rituals, VIP therapies and massage programs that can be split between days.

    • 2016

      The choice of tens of thousands of people: Papillon Zeugma... As Papillon Hotels Resort & SPA, we are proud to announce that Papillon Zeugma Relaxury has been awarded with TUI HOLLY 2016.

      Thank you very much for choosing us as one of the best 100 Hotels of the World. We hope to welcome you to our Hotel once again.

    • 10.8.2016
      This year, our Hotel Papillon Zeugma received another award from HolidayCheck.
    • 3.6.2016
      Dear Guests,
We are proud to announce that Papillon Zeugma Relaxuryhas won the “Certiticate of Excellence 2016” from which is the most significant online review site of the World. We are thankfull to all our guests for these excellent points.
    • 16.1.2016
      “Award of Excellence 2015”
    • 14.10.2015
      We are proud to announce that Papillon Zeugma Hotel received 5.6 points out of 6 on HolidayCheck 2015 awards. Dear guests, thank you very much for the support you have given!
    • 28.9.2015
      Reborn Spa has been rewarded with the Hotel Spa Certificate by 'EUROPESPA' which represents 'The International Quality System For Medical Spa&Wellness.
    • 17.8.2015
      As Turkey’s first EXPO, EXPO 2016 Antalya will be held from April to October 2016. Starting with the philosophy of "Cultivating a Green Life for Future Generations", EXPO 2016 Antalya has adopted the theme of "Flowers and Children" along with the motto “A Green Life for Future Generations". History, Bio-Diversity, Sustainability and Green Cities make up the four subthemes of EXPO 2016 Antalya.
    • 28.4.2015
      Located in the most exquisite part of Antalya, in Belek, Papillon Zeugma Relaxury, Papillon Ayscha and Papillon Belvil are also very close to plenty of venues for activities that will spice up your holiday with even more entertainment.
    • 10.5.2015
      Papillon Zeugma Relaxury is waiting for you to join the incredible Cosmopolitan parties!
    • During the Cosmopolitan Spring party, you will have a great opportunity to attend amazing fitness workshops carried out by high professional fitness trainers. On 9th of May join the dance fitness program “Perfection” with Marina Yershova, fitness-expert and calisthenics specialist of Perfect Code company. Get ready for the new season with a fitness program "Challenge", which will be performed by Andrey Garbuzov - a World Class personal trainer, on May, 11.
    • 25.5.2015
      Hot summer nights continue at Papillon Zeugma Relaxury! Get ready to burn the dance floor on June, 16-17 at Love Radio Party. Music will be pumping & hearts will be thumping!
    • 3.5.2015
      Children of all ages will enjoy Kids Fest events organized by the Kids Republic - The Voice Kids Show. We look forward to surprising our little guests! '6 MAY'
    • MOROCCAN HAMAM For a soothing and pampering experience, let us transport you to our world of oriental health and beauty Feel the stress of modern urban life drain away with luxurious Moroccan style hamam and fragrant Rassoul.

      Moroccan Hamam is a place where meet oriental culture and the elegance and beauty of feminine charm and body rituals. Fragrances and traditional methods come together to create a euphoric atmosphere that fosters corporal relaxation and emotional harmony.

    • ANTALYA One of Turkey's biggest tourism hubs, Antalya is also Turkey's most famous Mediterranean city with a population over 1,000,000 and its ever-increasing potential.

      Antalya is not only a touristic city but also home to a cultural heritage of significant historical and archaeological sites that you can see in nearly each corner of every town.

      The unique city Antalya also hosts the world-famous "Golden Orange" awards, offering a wealth of culture along with its rich history.

    • WATER SLIDES Feel the excitement and the fun at our water slides!

      The best part about the pools is the water slides! Come and enjoy it all at Papillon Zeugma.

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