Agency Loyalty Program

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Experience exclusive rewards with the Papillon Hotels Loyalty Program,
designed for our valued agency partners.


Agency Loyalty Program

You can find everything you need to know about our “Agency Loyalty Program” on this page.

When you register for the Loyalty Program, you will receive emails containing advertisements from Papillon Hotels. If you do not wish to receive emails, all you need to do is inform your preferences in writing to papilloncrm@papillon.com.tr.

The administration of the Papillon Hotels Resort & SPA hotel chain reserves the right to change or cancel the content of the loyalty program for agencies without additional notification.

In case of non-compliance with the terms of the Loyalty Program, the hotel administration reserves the right to cancel the member’s personal account.

The Papillon Hotels Loyalty Program is specifically designed for agency staff. When booking through the official website of Papillon Hotels, papillon.com.tr, or through a tour operator, the respective agency staff member earns bonus points that can only be used for stays at Papillon Hotels.

Agency Loyalty Program Details

To become a member of the loyalty program, you can press the button below. Remember, each agency manager or director can open a personal account only for themselves.

You can use your personal email address for registration.

You can log into your profile to make changes to your membership information.


Loyalty Program Registration

The Papillon Hotels Loyalty Program is designed specifically for agency staff.

When booking Papillon hotels on the official website papillon.com.tr or through a tour operator, the agent earns bonus points that he can use for his stay at Papillon Hotels Resort & SPA.

Agency Staff Benefits

Points are accrued depending on the type of room, period of stay, and number of nights.

Point accrual does not depend on the number of people booked.

The manager/director can only enter their reservations into their personal account and only BEFORE the tourists arrive at the hotel. Reservations entered after check-in or during the guests’ stay at the hotel will not be counted.

To earn points, you must log in to this address and register all your reservations in the system. After you register, your reservations will be confirmed and points will be accrued through automatic verification after the guests check out.

You can track your reservations and accumulated points from the program login page.

Earn and Track Points

Points Calculation Examples

Points are determined based on the room type, length of stay, and number of nights.


Papillon Zeugma Relaxury

1 room x 14 nights x 7 points 


Papillon Belvil

2 rooms x 7 nights x 5 points 



Papillon Ayscha

1 room x 10 nights x 10 points


1 Luxury Pool Suite at the Papillon Zeugma Relaxury Hotel for 14 nights, 2 standard rooms at the Papillon Belvil Hotel for 7 nights and1 Deluxe Villa at the Papillon Ayscha for 10 nights were booked for June.


You must accumulate at least 250 points for activation program. Your points remain valid for two years.

You can redeem your points exclusively for stays at Papillon Hotels. Simply log in with your personal account and submit a request to use your points.

You can stay at hotels with points only once at a year, for a minimum of 2 nights and maximum of 10 nights from October to April (except public holidays) in a Standard Land View Room (Ayscha), Superior Land View Room (Zeugma) and Comfort Club Room (Belvil).

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