Welcome to our sustainability section, where we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, hygiene, recycling, and zero waste policy. We believe that sustainable living is the key to a better future for both the planet and future generations. Our section provides information on how to adopt sustainable practices in various areas of our lives, from farming techniques that reduce carbon emissions to hygiene practices that promote a healthier environment. We also provide tips on how to properly recycle different materials and how to reduce waste through reuse and upcycling. Through our sustainability section, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment and build a more sustainable future.

  • As PAPILLON HOTELS, we aim to contribute to the process with our activities by following national and international standards and legal requirements in all our operations.
  • We address our sustainability efforts based on environmental, social and corporate governance and update our operations every day accordingly.
  • We manage environmental and social risk processes by focusing on developing the Integrated Quality Management System together with the sustainability approach.
  • We invest in our facilities by prioritising energy saving and aim to minimise environmental impacts. · We aim to improve resource efficiency through practices and the selection of equipment that seek to minimise energy consumption while maintaining our service quality, and we follow these goals.
  • We play an active role in the transition to a low-carbon economy, one of the principles of sustainable development, and endeavour to lower the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities.
  • We minimise the environmental impact of the materials and products we use, taking into account our impact on the environment and biodiversity in our facilities that are in close interaction with nature.
  • We operate with a sense of social responsibility and contribute to the development of society by sponsoring projects for the improvement of the region where our facilities are located, raising the welfare level of society, and advancing economically and socially.
  • We stand against any discrimination based on gender, language, religion, race, age, ethnic origin, special needs requiring protection, disability, etc. by affording equal opportunities and rights to all our employees, and we take measures against any conduct that may violate this principle. We recognise the diversity of our people as the most important aspect of human capital.
  • We aim to establish a contemporary work atmosphere where respect for human rights and social justice are assured and labour rights are continuously improved and raise sustainability awareness by expanding such an approach.
  • We organise constant training to raise employee awareness in order to integrate the sustainability approach into the corporate culture and encourage them to volunteer for environmental and social activities.
  • We attach importance to the complaints, suggestions and requests of our employees and guests, and manage the process by taking the necessary actions.
  • We liaise with local people and communities and promote the protection of historical and cultural values.
  • We contribute to the regional economy by employing local labour and procuring local goods.
  • We preserve the natural and cultural values of the region where our facilities are located; we inform our guests, employees and all stakeholders about the food, activities, culture and traditions of the region.
  • We procure the materials and products either purchased or used by us in accordance with the Green Procurement Policy and target to minimise their environmental impact.
  • We seek to work with environmentally and eco-friendly suppliers to make use of their eco-friendly products and services, and we endeavour to extend sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • Following the principle of fair trade, we abstain from bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest, and privilege business partners who uphold legal regulations and commercial ethics in every aspect.
  • We are aware of and abide by the legal framework for wildlife harvesting and trade.
  • Activities at our facilities would not jeopardise the provision of utility services such as access of neighbouring communities to food, water, electricity, health or sanitation.
  • We establish a communication/feedback/complaint mechanism for the local community through contact details shared on our website.
  • We pursue full integration in every field by undertaking all sustainability initiatives in accordance with the corporate culture, from the perspective of continuous improvement and review.