Papillon Belvil: Heart of Nature


    Welcome to Papillon Belvil, where you’ll find the heart of nature and a cozy atmosphere that feels like home. Get ready for the most enjoyable summer vacation for you and your family, with Papyland and Papy Kids Club! At Papyland Aquapark, which features six exciting courses, you’ll find a wide range of activities that will add color to your holiday, from a 38-meter free fall to an adrenaline-filled journey into the depths of space.

    Consistently appearing on Turkey’s Best Family Hotels lists, Papillon Belvil was awarded “Turkey’s Best Family Hotel” by TripAdvisor in 2015 and ranked 12th in the “World’s Best Family Hotels” ranking on TripAdvisor the same year.

    In addition to the finest menus for you and your children, the magnificent Papillon Experience also includes special gala nights and spectacular shows that will enhance your holiday enjoyment.



    At Papillon Belvil, indulge in a sense of exclusivity with our club rooms and suites.

    These distinguished accommodation options combine comfort and luxury, offering a truly memorable stay. Our club rooms provide guests with special privileges and services that make your stay even more unforgettable.

    With their spacious and modern designs, our club rooms are carefully crafted for a comfortable accommodation experience. Our suites, on the other hand, offer ample living spaces, providing you with a spacious environment.

    By staying in the club rooms and suites at Papillon Belvil, you can make your vacation even more special and enjoy the taste of luxury.



    At Papillon Belvil, we invite you to a unique gastronomic experience with menus developed by our Executive chefs in our R&D workshop.

    The motto of “Local, Natural, and Sustainable” is an integral part of our gastronomic culture, and we have created special menus for you. The traditional flavors of Turkish and world cuisine transform into an extraordinary gastronomic journey at Papillon Belvil.

    Our restaurants’ exceptional chefs offer an unforgettable taste experience with their creative recipes and carefully selected ingredients.

    Our menus bring together the finest examples of international and local cuisines while incorporating innovative touches to create exceptional flavors.

    By experiencing this special culinary journey in our restaurants at Papillon Belvil, you can make your vacation truly unforgettable.



    At Papillon Belvil, you can have a fulfilling sports vacation with a variety of free training sessions led by certified instructors, as well as paid private lessons in sports such as bodybuilding, golf, and tennis for those who are interested.

    Papillon Fit Club is a specially designed sports and fitness club for our guests who embrace a healthy lifestyle.

    With the guidance of professional trainers, you can achieve your fitness and health goals and maintain your form with various exercise activities.

    Papillon Fit Club, located at Papillon Belvil, allows you to spend your holiday in an energetic manner with its fitness centers, group fitness classes, outdoor activities, and other sports facilities. Make sports a part of your life and stay healthy and active during your vacation with Papillon Fit Club.


    Collect unforgettable memories at Papillon Hotels and experience the most beautiful vacation of your life!


    You won’t miss out on activities and entertainment during your vacation. Papillon Hotels offers a wide range of activities, including evening shows, live music performances, sports events, and special activities for children.

    With numerous activities throughout the day and entertainment that lasts throughout the night, you will experience joyful moments without getting bored during your holiday.



    At Papillon Belvil, add a unique touch to your vacation with the distinctive brand theme of the “Butterfly Effect.”

    This concept represents the elegance and beauty that can be felt in every corner of our hotel. The lightness and grace of butterflies symbolize the enjoyable and unforgettable moments offered to our guests at Papillon Belvil. Embellish your vacation with the Butterfly Effect and create unforgettable memories.

    Additionally, savor your drinks accompanied by the special Mediterranean sun. Our cocktail menu, named “Butterfly Effect,” offers flavors inspired by small beginnings that can have a significant impact in the future.

    You can explore our menu and experience this exceptional taste journey:



    At Papillon Belvil, we offer an unforgettable spa experience with the services provided at Reborn Spa, an exclusive brand of Papillon Hotels.

    This year, we have added relaxation and rejuvenation therapies specifically designed for athletes. We have also introduced the “Kids Spa” concept, offering special treatments for our young guests and their families, as well as updated beauty and care therapies.

    Reborn Spa is a tranquil and relaxing section of Papillon Belvil. In this special space, you can take time for yourself to unwind and rejuvenate from daily stresses.

    Our professional therapists provide personalized relaxation sessions with special massage techniques, body treatments, and facial therapies. Indulge yourself in the luxurious and peaceful atmosphere of Reborn Spa and feel reborn in mind, body, and spirit.



    The Gallery section is designed to take you on a visual journey. The beauty of nature, the grandeur of our facilities, and the captured moments of your enjoyable experiences are showcased in the images, adding excitement to your pre-holiday anticipation and inspiring you with the experiences of previous guests.


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