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Every breath you take in the Mediterranean’s fresh air will increase your performance and Papillon’s hospitality will increase your happiness.

Designed to meet all requirements for a sports activity, Papillon Sports Center offers everything from tactical rooms for trainers to press rooms for members of the press. Furthermore, large storage areas and specific activity areas make it a lot easier for support staff of football teams.

At our sports center, where the high Papillon service quality is continued, a professional service team is on duty in order to host VIP guests and club presidents.

Transport to the Papillon Sports Center which is located away from the hotel and in the middle of pine tree forests is provided by the hotel free of charge. Due to the amazing location of the resort, teams can go for runs or walks throughout their camp before or after their training on the 2km long walk track accompanied by the fresh air full of pine scent.



We know how important the ground of the field is in order for the sportsmen camping at Papillon Sports Center to achieve their best condition and train in the most efficient manner. Therefore, we apply the best drainage systems.

With drainage systems complying with international standards, we provide uninterrupted and efficient training conditions without any puddles on the fields even in the most rainy days of the season.

The maintenance of the fields at Papillon Sports Center is undertaken throughout the year with programmes which are prepared monthly according to the regions micro climate. These programmes include fertilizers, micro elements, miscellaneous nutrients and chemical products which vary according to seasonal climate conditions.

By applying these maintenance programmes efficiently and regularly, we offer our guests suitable fields and training areas all year round.

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The Best Were With Us

Designed to meet all needs of professional football teams, our facility has 6 football fields. Our facility is also suitable to host significant events other than football, such as the World Archery Championship.

6 Fields in Different Sizes

Location: Papillon Sports Center is 9 km. from our Papillon Zeugma and Papillon Ayscha hotels and only 3 km. from Papillon Belvil.
Papillon Sport Center Sahalar

Papillon Sport Center (Kadriye / Belek)

4 fields 105 x 68 m
1 field 95 x 65 m
1 field 70 x 45 m

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Papillon Belvil Hotel (Taşlıburun / Belek)

1 field 95 x 65 m
Running track (550 m)
Tribune with a capacity for 100 people


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