As PAPILLON HOTELS, under the supply chain management;

  • We attach importance to whether our suppliers/solution partners hold internationally recognized environmental and sustainability certificates such as Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, Eco-friendly, and Eco mark and abide by environmental legislation.
  • We prefer environmentally sustainable suppliers and products, including food, beverages, construction materials and consumables, and audit them periodically.
  • We take into account that our suppliers utilize natural resources with no harm to the ecosystem.
  • We respect animal rights in all procurement activities and pay attention to ensure that the wildlife species are utilized sustainably and comply with local/regional and international laws. We cooperate with suppliers that abide by the hunting bans for invasive and endangered species and do not procure prohibited products.
  • We favour environmentally certified products and suppliers, in particular for wood, paper, fish, other foods and products from the wild. If certified products and suppliers are not readily available, we explore and account for the origins and methods of growth or production.
  • We carefully manage the purchase and use of consumable and disposable goods, including food, to minimize the waste generated at our facilities, favouring reusable, returnable and recycled products.
  • We demand that our suppliers minimize and properly manage their waste and offer fewer packaging or bulk packaging alternatives when packaging their products.
  • We pay consideration to the purchase of products that damage the environment to a minimal extent and consume less energy in our activities, and we aim to both reduce costs and lower emission rates by making purchases from local/regional businesses so that the purchased products cause less damage to the environment during logistics and warehousing processes.
  • We promote local entrepreneurs to develop and market sustainable products and services based on the regional nature, history and culture.
  • Following the principle of fair trade, we abstain from bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest, and privilege business partners who uphold legal regulations and commercial ethics in every aspect. Against the backdrop, we manage the procurement by quantifying the rates of purchased goods and services.
  • We always safeguard the intellectual property rights of all our business partners.


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